December 28, 2002 – December 18, 2017

Not so long ago…

In a town not so far away…

Lived a Wampug.

Oh, her journey to become a Wampug was filled with so much fun!

Living with a Mamma who was a veterinarian, and Daddy who dealt in props, our budding Wampug, Chubbs, found herself the center of all sorts of photo shoots.

And the costumes, oh the costumes!

Chubbs loved to dress up and pose for the camera. And pose she did, often causing her Mamma to squeal with delight as she posted those pictures on Chubbs’ very own Facebook Page.

As Chubbs’ following grew, she talked with Mamma about doing things that could help those pugs not as fortunate as she. From participating in Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network’s annual Cutest Pug Contest and Calendar, to filling a swimming pool with rubber duckies for sale to help Wyoming Pug Rescue raise funds for medical needs, Chubbs found great joy in helping pugs in need.

Later in life, she became a special needs pug herself, and could frequently be seen at her Mamma’s vet clinic, zipping around in her pretty pink wheels!

Chubbs loved her family, her followers, and her life.

Show your love and support for Chubbs by donating to APARN to help them continue their mission of rescuing other special needs pugs like Chubbs.  Your love and support can help provide the life every pug (and Wampug!) deserves!

Run free with all of your friends over the rainbow bridge sweet little Chubbs.

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  1. Chubbs, Now you and Sapphire Hudman, Emily Rose, Frankie Gordon, and all the rest of our Angel Friends, can play and run together…. RIP my friend. It’s so sad that we never met, we had so much in common. Love you Angel Chubbs, Lexi the Pug

  2. I loved Chubbs so much , her and her Mamma Kristen brought me joy through dark times after my Dad passed, but before then such light and laughter. RIP sweet Chubbs xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Chubbs brought so many smiles to all of us. She will be 4-ever missed. Run free with my 2 angels, onyx & Amber & so many more who have passed in our pug community. #WillneverforgetChubbs #Love Chubbs 🙂

  4. Sweetest CHUBBS, you raised me out of my sadness and filled my heart with warmth. I will never forget you! I know your running free with no more sadness or pain. Although my heart is broken, the warmth and joy you put there will heal the pain. My pugs Trinket and Trooper who have gone before you will be there to watch over you till your momma Kirsten can be with you again. You saved me CHUBBS and made my heart soft once again! May you be free and Rest In Peace. I love you! Your human friend ross. Here’s a 21 strawberry salute for our strawberry girl!

  5. Sweet, beautiful Miss Chubbs. My heart is broken, but your sweet face makes me smile. You and your parents made great costumes and videos of you to bring joy to so many. Your Mama is a compassionate person and Vet that helps animals in need. She has a big heart. I am so grateful she shared your photos and videos with Facebook so we could get to know you and your parents. I know how much I love my pug Bosley and his happy hairs. I wish our dogs lived forever. Chubbs go find my pugs Baxter and Riley, fawn and black pugs with happy hairs, Roly poly, very loved. And tell them I miss them. Your loving spirit will live on. I will think of you when I eat strawberries or see pink. Run free lovely pug.

  6. Sweet CHUBBS, you melted my heart from the first time I saw you! You softened my heart and me and my puglets Tracer Bullet and Trinket looked foreword to your posts everyday. It became part of our daily routine. Now you’ve gone to be with Trinket and so many other puglet angels. I’m sure Trinket is showing you all the best strawberry patches. I pray that you Rest In Peace till we all rejoin at the rainbow bridge. You will always light my heart sweet precious girl. And now, a 21 strawberry salute to the king of my heart!

  7. My heart will always be filled with your smile and the glow of your love! Please Rest In Peace you are America’s little Wampug and we will miss you! Until we meet again, Rest In Peace precious one.. and now, your 21 strawberry salute!

  8. An internet legend with a magical spirit in person. A truly special girl that we will always remember. So fortunate to have met her. Rest in Peace, sweetheart.

  9. My heart and prayers goes out to you. Chubbs was such a fun baby to watch with her ma ma . You had such excitement in your voice for her with squeals of laughter for Chubbs she was the love of your life . LOVED watching you two ❤️ You and Chubbs helped so many . Chubbs will be in my heart forever , as I know she will be yours . So very very sorry

  10. you defintely brought joy and love and laughter into my days as a cancer survivor and on a daily basis full of love u brought everyday
    you will be sooooo missed but never forgotten
    you lifted my spirits
    and many others too

    much love to u and mom dad
    love and kisses
    run free now ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. you truly brought so much joy and laughter everyday into our lives
    you and mom
    your videos and chats i looked forward to as a cancer survivor
    you made many lives so much brighter
    run free
    love and thinking of you ❤️❤️always in our hearts

  12. Go with the force. Love you Chubbs. I know my Cody along with your beloved Chester were waiting at the rainbow bridge !!!!!

  13. Such sad sad news chubbs you stole my heart from the first time I saw your beautiful face and loved seeing your amazing pictures run free my darling fur baby

  14. Gone but always in our hearts sweet girl . All your friends are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to play . Run free Chubbs ❤️❤️❤️ You’re going to be missed

  15. Dear Chubbs, you filled our hearts with love and joy. You are so precious. Your Mommy and Daddy loved you SO much and you all inspired us to be better pet owners/ pug parents.

    I know you will be with your beloved Chester and other Special Friends and looking over Momma and Daddy this Christmas.

    Love and prayers, Niamh, Ciaran and Pugs Poppy and Princess

    We love you xxxx

  16. I was introduced to Miss Chubbs when I lost my sunshine, Pugsly. The joy of watching her helped to ease the pain of such a great loss for me. I believe Miss Chubbs is now a Rock Star on the Rainbow Bridge and my Pugsly will finally get to meet her.

  17. Thank you sweet Chubbs for bringing a beautiful smile and happiness to this world. I loved seeing your pictures on Facebook. I know my Lucky and Blackie will meet you at the bridge and play with you. Blackie used to talk to us down here she’s super friendly and very outgoing. Lucky is a big old lover boy. Hugs to your momma and daddy. Run free sweet princess

  18. Chubbs and Momma. I can’t even begin to tell you how many smiles you gave me. You’ve been in my thoughts every day since I heard
    the heartbreaking and unexpected news about Chubbs. xoxoxo

  19. Big hugs to Chubbs’ mom & dad. RIP Miss Chubbs – now you can cuddle with your sweetheart, Chester, and enjoy lots of treats from your Aunt Angie. xoxo

  20. Chubbs, You are forever in our hearts ♥️You had the “It” Factor, that special connection to so many people. Your momma loved you more than life, so evident & so amazing. Surf Gidget The Pug is so happy she spent time with you & we will never forget you. You sparked our soul & we are so proud you did ♥️ Please hold that force in the sky until we meet again my dear luminous pug friend. With love, Gidgie & her mom

  21. Thank you to Chubbs’ mama Kristen for sharing her with the world and letting us love her too. I will miss seeing that happy little face light up when there were snackies near. My little black Pug girl gets that same look in her eyes when there are snackies. I still can’t believe she is gone but I’m glad she was in the arms of someone who loved her. Run free in the meadows at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Chubbs.

  22. Chubbs will be missed and never forgotten. She lived a long life, and brought delight to many, myself included. My sincere condolences to her family who adored her, and to all who are grieving for the loss of this lovely little girl. It’s a comfort that she gracefully & peacefully slipped away, naturally, on her own terms. She will live in our memories and hearts, forever! There are many who went on before her, and I can only imagine the amazing welcoming committee that greeted her at the Rainbow Bridge!

  23. In memory of beautiful Chubbs, who always gave more than she received. While using her charm and sweetness to make us all smile, she saved so many pugs who needed homes, and even saved us all, just a little bit, every day.

  24. Chubbs was a beautiful light in this world. She brought so much joy to us, and so many others. As an APARN pug Momma (Miss Cookie, formerly Tanya, and Stitch), my heart just breaks for you and your family. Thank you for all the pug love, woo woos, strawberry snackie moments, and sharing her with us all. She had a wonderful life because of you. It was very clear how much she loved you, and she knew how much you loved her. My deepest sympathies to Chubb’s Momma and Dad in this difficult time.

  25. You brightened my days every time I saw you. I met your Mama in both Chicago and Washington and was delighted to be able to visit with her and see the joy in her when she spoke about you. You were the light of her and your Daddy’s lives and filled so many other people’s lives with joy. Fly free little girl – I’m sure you have lots of friends with you at the Rainbow Bridge but we left here will miss you always.

  26. “When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.” — Darth Vader and Chubbs the Wampug

    Yes you are Chubbs! You are the Master! Heaven has gained another angel. You will be missed dearly. May heaven be full of snackies, fresh strawberries and lots of nap time. Please keep an eye on my Frodo and give the Bumblesnot a big Pug Kiss for me. You are the Master Sis’ta!

    “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force.”—-

    Thank you to Kristen for sharing your beautiful girl with us.

  27. Rest in peace, dear Miss Chubbs. I am sure that you and your sweetheart, Chester, will have many beautiful days together, enjoying as many snackies and cuddles as your loving hearts desire. Big hugs to your family from Mocha and me. xoxo

  28. Dearest most perfect Chubbs – you and your momma hold a very special place in my heart. I am so grateful to have met you and had the Chubbs experience. Every December to celebrate your birth month, LadyBug and I will continue to donate in your memory. xoxo

  29. News of your passing has me in tears, little one. Never has such a pug whom I never got the pleasure to meet touched my heart. I was hoping to make it out to the pug event in April to meet you, and am so sorry that you won’t be there. I know, you’ll be there in spirit. Run free with Garbanzo, my special needs pug who passed in 2008. I know he’ll be meeting you at the Rainbow Bridge.

  30. Chubbs made me happy. I am so glad I have pugs. I knew when you didn’t post anything for a few days that something was wrong. It honestly hurt me seeing you lost her. I cried like a baby, she does have an impact on people i almost felt like she was my dog too, lol. She was a beautiful, happy girl and I’m looking forward to seeing her puppy photos and over the years. Thank you for continuing her legacy, making sure she’s still alive in some way. I hope you’re doing well and I am so sorry for your loss.

  31. Precious Chubbs, if there was ever a dog as sweet as sugar, it was you. Your contagious smiles & spunky outfits brought many people much joy. You have inspired me to support pugs in need & I cannot express the magnitude of smiles your posts have on me. Woo woo woo!!!

  32. Sweet Chubbs you will be dearly missed. How lucky were we to be on this planet during your reign. Rest easy, enjoy the snackies and strawberries. Woo woo woo among the stars above!

  33. Happy Birthday my dearest Chubbs- may your legacy live forever. Mamma and daddy love and miss you so much my darling little princess <3

  34. Chubbs was one of Emily’s first friends on FB. She was always a role model and the most beautiful loving soul. you will be missed but forever in our heart <3 Emily and Michaela

  35. Happy Birthday my Beautiful Angel Chubbs. I miss your beautiful happy smile that I would look for every day on facebook. You & Mama truly left a soft spot in my heart that will never go away. I will never forget you Chubbs !! I love & miss you so much. I hope your getting strawberries & pizza for your birthday and sharing with all our other beautiful puggies at the rainbow bridge !!

  36. Chubbs,
    You held a special spot in our families hearts. And we will always love you and forever thank your Mama for bringing us joy every time she’d join us on Facebook. All Our Love & Snackies!
    The Lundberg Family

  37. Chubbs,
    You brought so much joy to so many. When I lost my sweet girl your pictures and posts made me feel better. Run free with all the puggies! Give my Kitty a big hug for me!

  38. My Missy Chubbs….. If love coulda kept you here, you’ve stayed forever! My Rocker Chick Pug! \♡/ Woo Woo! I know we all have to go one day, Im just wishing that day for you came. I know you worry about Mommie & Daddy, as much as they you. Ill make you a deal, we will make sure as long as you humans are here, they will be alright! Please save us all that spot, that pug spot, you know, my Trixie & Jessie are and all the rest as close as you were to all of us here, Deal? Woo Woo! On a strawberries ripeness, we will all see each other again. I wish 20 a month was 200, I’d do anything to save every single one of your kind! Happy Birthday Missy Chubbs, the world sure will miss you. All mine & Dana’s Love….Kim

  39. Dearest Queen Chubbs. We never got to meet, though I have been a devoted follower for a few years now. I find comfort in your meeting and playing queen bee with Chester, Bumble, and others hom we have lost this year. Much love always! Leslie and fur kids from OH. WOOWOOWOO darling pug….lots of love and snackies, YOU are loved and missed Chubbs!

  40. Chubbs you are so sadly missed but thank you for gracing our life with your preciousness.You will never be forgotten and have a special place in our hearts.Love 4ever

  41. Sweet darling Chubbs, you are missed beyond words by so many, but none more than Mummy and Daddy. You will live on in all our hearts, you were an amazing pup. You had a brand of magic that is unmatched and could instantly turn a frown into a smile just with your presence. Bless your Mummy and Daddy, I know you are watching over them.

  42. Miss you little lady. I remember reading a post Chubbs’ momma made about being sad about Chubbs fur turning white/grey, and that it was a sign she was getting older. Chubbs dad then said those were her happy hairs, I know I’m leaving something out, but that’s how I started to look at the grey in my pugs muzzle and made me just think of all the good, fun times with him. #happyhsirsforever

  43. I am so happy that I got to meet your special baby girl, Chubbs. I will cherish the pictures of her and remember her kisses the rest of my days. I am treasuring her keepsakes as well.

  44. I loved following Miss Chubbs on social media. Weekends with Daddy and the wig were the BEST! She was such a sweet and fabulous girl. I have 2 pugs in heaven myself. They are the greatest creatures on the planet. Thanks for sharing Chubbs with the world! #HappyHairs

  45. I hope my donation will help and honor the sweet girl that touched thousands of lives .Everyone’s little sweetheart Chubbs ! Miss you little girl but always in our hearts xoxoxxo

  46. Thank you to all of those that made a Donation from the sale of Surf Gidget The Pug magazines Those that purchased are: Dawn Quintero, Tracey Tomlin, Fernando Boone, Brianna Walters, Cynthia Nichols, Theresa Madrid, Julia Kyle & Maggie Mcbennett.
    We love you Chubbs from Surf Gidget the Pug & all those that made the donation.

  47. Chester,AJ n Gracie will miss watching your Videos.. An I will too, you’ve brought many a smile n laugh my way when I needed it after my Granson died. I was so Happy to meet you when I found you belonged to my New Dogter❤️ Your Momma.
    RIP Sweet Chubbs i will always remember you ❤️

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