Now in its 11th year, APARN’s Cutest Pug Contest is APARN’s biggest fundraiser of the year.  100% of the funds raised in this contest go to the care of the APARN rescue pugs.  Every pug entered in the contest is an important part of raising funds to help rescue pugs find homes just like they have.  It is all about pugs (and pug mixes) helping pugs.

To vote for your favorite pug(s) click on the pug’s picture to vote for that pug or click directly on the “add to cart” button over the picture. You can add as many dogs you want to your cart with one click, then edit your cart in the upper right to increase your number of votes. Each vote is $1, add as many votes that you want to your cart for each pug. When you are done voting for this round simply checkout and pay for all of your votes in one simple PayPal transaction.

All pugs entered in APARN’s 2017 Cutest Pug Contest have a chance to win:

  • 1st Place, the Cutest Pug will be featured on the cover of APARN’s 2018 Cutest Pugs Calendar.
  • Top 3 Cutest Pugs will get a gift certificate for a custom painting by Chelsea Glass.
  • New Prize! Top 4 Cutest Pugs will be featured on the Pug Paw Wicks candles next year.
  • Top 6 Cutest Pugs will be featured on the Pug Paw Wines bottles next year.
  • Top 12 Cutest Pugs will each be featured in the calendar.

At the end of Round 2, every pug with 250 or more votes, wins a $25 gift card
At the end of Round 4, every pug with 500 or more votes, wins a $50 gift card
At the end of Round 8, every pug with 1000 or more votes, wins a $100 gift card

We are also so very excited to announce that once again, for this year, APARN has the support of the Timothy T. Day Foundation’s Lulu’s Fund! Every $1 vote turns into $2, because Lulu’s Fund will match every dollar earned in the Cutest Pug Contest (up to $25k). Lulu Day was the winner of APARN’s first Cutest Pug Contest, so it is fitting that Lulu’s Fund was created in her honor to help APARN with this annual fundraiser.

Last year with the help of all of the cutest pugs entered in the contest, we raised over $30,000!  Lulu’s Fund matched then $25,000! We’re setting the goal at $35,000 this year. Which pug will be the one to help raise the most money for APARN this year? May the cutest pug win!

View Cutest Pug Contest Frequently Asked Questions Here.