Time for APARN’s biggest fundraiser of the year! It’s time for your pug(s) or your favorite cute pug friends to help raise funds for the APARN rescue pugs! Not only can your favorite cutest pugs, pug mixes, or frenchies help raise money for the rescue pugs, but they get a chance to win to be the cutest of 2020if they raise the most money.  Click here for more details on the fundraiser or keep reading for voting instructions.

To vote for your favorites, click on the contestants’ picture to vote for them or click directly on the “add to cart” button over the picture. You can add as many dogs you want to your cart with one click, then edit your cart in the upper right to increase your number of votes. Each vote is $1, add as many votes that you want to your cart for each dog, when you are done voting in this transaction simply checkout and pay for all of your votes in one simple PayPal transaction. You can come back and vote as many times as you like for the duration of the contest.

And the 2020 winners are:


Congratulations to our 2020 contest winners and a big thank you to all of the contestants that helped raise money for the APARN rescue pugs! Together you have raised a little over $12,000 and with the match from Lulu’s Fund that brings us to about $22,000. Thank you to all for helping APARN continue its mission of No Pug Left Behind!

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APARN’s annual fundraiser, now called Pugs & Friends @Home, is an excellent way for your pug(s) and friends of pugs to help the APARN rescue pugs and help APARN continue its mission of No Pug Left Behind®. 100% of the funds raised by each contestant in this contest go to the care of the APARN rescue pugs. All of our canine friends entered in the competition are an essential part of raising funds to help rescue pugs find loving homes just like they have.

The contest runs for 8 weeks. There are no longer elimination rounds; the top 12 will be decided at the end of the 8th week of the contest. This year the contest starts on Sunday, June 7, 2020, and will end on Saturday, August 1, 2020. The winners will be announced on Sunday, August 2, 2020.

This year’s top fundraisers will receive the following prizes for their placement in the contest:

  • 1st Place, the Cutest Pug will be featured on the cover of APARN’s 2021 Cutest Pugs Calendar.
  • Top 3 Cutest Pugs will get a gift certificate for a custom painting by Chelsea Glass.
  • Top 6 Cutest Pugs will be featured in their own APARN Zazzle Store Collection. Your pug(s) photoshoot pictures will be featured on a collection of Zazzle apparel and home décor for one year. All proceeds from the sales of your pug’s collection go to help the APARN rescue pugs.
  • Top 12 Cutest Pugs will each be featured in the calendar.


A big thank you to Timothy T. Day Foundation’s Lulu’s Fund for their generous support over the years. This year Lulu’s Fund helps us turn $10,000 into $20,000 by matching a $1 for every $1 raised up to $10,000! Lulu Day was the winner of APARN’s first Cutest Pug Contest and has been an essential part of the contest’s history. We are honored to continue her legacy through this fundraiser.


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