Q: What is the goal for 2021?
A: Our goal this year is $20,000.

Q: Are there any specific instructions for the picture I enter?
A: Yes.  Please make sure you send a picture that is of a higher quality resolution, we do not touch up your photo, it is up to you to enter the best quality photo of your pug that you can.  Also please only include dogs in the photo, while we know you are beautiful too, we’d like to keep the photos just to the contestants, the dogs.

Q: Can I enter my bonded pair or an entire pack of dogs together in one photo and in one entry?
A: Yes, you can now enter a bonded pair or your entire pack together in one photo and in one contest entry.

Q: Can I still enter my furkids separately? Can one household still have multiple entries.
A: Yes, you can still enter each of your furkids separately.

Q: Can I enter a pug-mix?
A: Yes, you can enter a pug-mix, frenchie, pekingese or any other smushed-face dog. If you are entering your entire pack, you can include all of your dogs as long as one is a smushed-face.

Q: Can I enter a drawing or painting of my pug?
A: No, you must enter a real photo of your pug.

Q: My pug passed away, can I enter my pug who has gone over the bridge?
A: We are very sorry your pug passed away, but this contest is for living pugs, it is not a memorial calendar.  If your pug passes away during the contest or right after winning we would have to select a runner up to take that place in the calendar. If you’d like APARN to memorialize your pug that has gone over the bridge you can reach out to us at to discuss other ways to celebrate your pug’s life.

Q: Can I enter a picture of a pug plush doll?
A: No, you must enter a photo of a real pug, your real pug.

Q: How do I vote for my favorites?
A: Voting is easy, just click on the pug’s picture to vote for that pug or click directly on the “add to cart” button over the picture. You can add as many dogs you want to your cart with one click, then edit your cart in the upper right to increase your number of votes. Each vote is $1, add as many votes that you want to your cart for each pug. When you are done voting for this round simply checkout and pay for all of your votes in one simple PayPal transaction.

Q: Do the votes appear in real-time?
A: Yes, votes will now appear in real-time once the payment for the votes has been processed.  If payment for a transaction does not go through as authorized, the votes will not be entered.

Q: How does the contest work?
A: The contest runs for 6 weeks and the winners will be announced at the close of the last week of voting. There are no more elimination rounds giving each contestant a better chance to come back to win it.

Q: How is the winner determined?
A: At the end of the final week, the top 12 will have won a spot in the 2022 Calendar, top 3 win a painting from Chelsea Glass and the #1 spot, is the winner, the cover of the 2022 Calendar.

Q: Who can vote?
A: Anyone with or without a PayPal account can vote as often and as many times as they like! If you enter your pug, be sure to encourage your friends and family to vote for him/her!  If you do not have a PayPal account you can pay with a credit card via PayPal without having to set up an account.

Q: What are the incentives for winning?
A: The winner will be featured on the cover of APARN’s 2022 Cutest Pugs Calendar as well as on one of the monthly pages. Plus you will have raised a lot of money for the rescue pugs!

In addition, we’ve made arrangements for the following:

  • 1st Place, the Cutest Pug will be featured on the cover of APARN’s 2021 Cutest Pugs Calendar.
  • Top 3 Cutest Pugs will get a gift certificate for a custom painting by Chelsea Glass.
  • Top 12 Cutest Pugs will each be featured in the calendar.
  • More prizes to be announced later…

Q: What is the contest for?
A: The Cutest Pug Photo Contest is an important summer fundraiser for APARN. It is an opportunity for our pug-loving community to help the rescue pugs, Pugs Helping Pugs.  Summer is also a very busy time for intakes, and we are anticipating another very busy summer intake season. With a high number of intakes come high medical bills. Please help us take care of all of the things our foster pugs need by helping us reach our goal of $20,000.

Q: Can I vote for more than one pug in a single transaction?
A: Yes, you can vote for more than one pug per transaction. When voting you can put your votes in your shopping cart. When you are done adding votes for your favorite pugs to your shopping cart you can check out by clicking on the link in the top right corner of the site. Then you can process the payment for all of your votes in one simple transaction.

Q: If my pug makes the top 12, when will the calendar photoshoot be?
A: The calendar photo shoot is typically held one a Saturday and/or Sunday in mid to early September.  If your pug finishes in the Top 12, we will expect your participation in the photoshoot.