Promoting Your Cutest Pug Tip #1 – Sharing Your Voting Page Link

  1. Go to the voting page at with your browser on your device.
  2. Click on the picture of your cutest pug or pug friends.
  3. Once the page opens in your browser, select the page website address in the browser’s address bar and copy it, this is the link to your voting page.
  4. Go to your favorite pug Facebook group and ask permission to share a link. You have permission to promote your pugs on Pugs in Phoenix. Start a post and just paste the link of your pug’s page into the post. Hit enter, but do not submit yet; it needs to render the preview. The preview shows a picture of your pug, their name, and a live link to your pug’s voting page.
  5. Write a message to promote your cutest pug and post away and submit your post.


Promoting Your Cutest Pug Tip #2 – Hashtags

Use hashtags to help promote your pug as a contestant in APARN’s Cutest Pug Contest 2021 fundraiser. # Hashtags to use to be found are:

  1. #PugsHelpingPugs2021
  2. #PugFriendsHelpingPugs2021
  3. #APARN
  4. #NoPugLeftBehind
  5. #RescuePugs
  6. #FriendsofPugsAPARN
  7. #VoteFor[enter your pug’s name here]


Promoting Your Cutest Pug Tip #3 – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! – Set up your PugsHelpingPugs2021 Facebook Profile Frame.  This frame will help drive awareness of the fundraiser and help people find it to vote for your pugs.  Search for Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network frames or visit the Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network or Pugs in Phoenix Facebook pages for the post about it.

Good luck! May the cutest pug win! Let’s raise some money for the rescue pugs! #PugsHelpingPugs2021 #PugFriendsHelpingPugs2021