Foster-to-Adopt Program Information and Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog for APARN.     APARN’s primary objective is to find good homes for Arizona’s homeless pugs.  Our Foster Home Program is the backbone of APARN and critical to our success.  Our traditional foster home program involves taking in a rescue pug and caring for them as a part of your family until a match is made for them with one of our adoptive families.

APARN is excited to announce our new program, “Foster-to-Adopt”.   This program is perfect for you if any of the following apply:

  • I’d like to try out fostering, but I’m worried about getting too attached – and I know I want to adopt at least one pug some day
  • I’d definitely like to adopt a pug, but I’m not in a hurry and I’d like to try fostering out until I find the perfect one for our family

If you love pugs and would like to help foster them, but can’t commit to owning any long-term – our traditional Foster program is still in place and would be perfect for you.

How Foster-to-Adopt Work?

  • Apply on our website to the Foster-to-Adopt program.   There is a $10 fee.   You will be screened and selected using the same process we use for regular adoptions, including an in-home check to ensure the safety of the pug
  • Once selected, you are ready to be matched.    The Foster-to-Adopt committee will work with you to select the next Pug in need that matches best to your family
  • Once the pug is mutually agreed upon, upon placement you will agree to pay half the cost of the adoption fee upfront and sign a special foster to adopt contract
  • At or before 30 days, you can elect to formally adopt the pug, at which time the balance of the adoption fee will be paid; or just continue to foster and your deposit can remain on file until the right pug is found.
  • If you choose to continue to foster, you will agree to foster the current pug until it is placed with its forever family.    A second dog will be placed with you at or before the time of the first foster adoption – depending on what is deemed best for both you and the pug
  • You can continue to foster as many pugs as you’d like until you are ready to adopt!

How is Foster-to-Adopt different than your traditional Foster program?

Foster-to-Adopt families know they will be adopting at least one pug eventually.    Their sole APARN commitment is to foster the pugs matched to them until the perfect one comes along.    The Regular Foster program does not involve eventually adopting the dog and they are official APARN volunteers, participating in events and helping with other needed activities as they arise.

Who pays the bills when I foster?

As with our regular foster program, the pug will arrive at your home after a vet check.   Any subsequent vet visits and medications, if required, will be paid for by APARN until adoption.   Unless the pug is on a special prescription food, we ask Foster-to-Adopt families to pay for the cost of food and any optional additional items such as toys.

What if the pug that I’m matched with immediately does not work out, doesn’t get along with my current animal or has an issue that I just cannot deal with?

APARN is committed to the safety of our pugs and we will work with you to arrange for the pug to be removed.  Additionally, we work very hard to ensure that it is unlikely this will occur in the first place, based on our extensive experience with matching.

What if I want to change my mind and adopt the pug AFTER the 30 days?

It is critical that you decide by 30 days.   At 30 days, we will be putting the pug up for adoption in our regular adoption program and cannot guarantee that it will be available anymore for you to adopt.

What if I decide I love fostering and just want to continue to foster and never adopt?

Fostering and helping pugs get a second chance is very rewarding.   If you decide to do this, we would welcome you into our traditional foster program and refund your deposit. Please go HERE to read about our traditional foster program.

Can I have a pug puppy?  

Pug puppies rarely come into rescue, and when they do, there is often a long waiting list from our regular adoption program list.    If you want a puppy, this program will not be a good fit for you.

Can I have a healthy 3 year old female black pug?

APARN is a rescue group.  Pugs come into rescue of all ages, colorings, and often with health or emotional issues.    If you have a specific type of pug you must have, this probably is not the program for you.  This program is for families who are open minded about the best pug for their family and trust the many years of experience APARN has to place the perfect pug with them.

I have read all this and want to help but just want to be a regular, traditional foster family.   What do I do?

Fantastic!  Please go HERE to read about our traditional Foster Home program and apply.

I have read all this and I want to Foster-to-adopt!

Fantastic!  Here is the application.