Hi everyone! I’m Nugget. I am just about the cutest little black pug girl you will ever meet and I am so lucky to be APARN’s SpokesPug! I was born on Jan 2, 2010, so I am just 6 years old now.

I had kind of a shaky start to life, as my mommy quit feeding me when I was 5 weeks old, and I almost didn’t make it. I was very lethargic and weighed only 14 ounces so APARN quickly got me checked by the vet. My mannerisms, small size, and large dome shaped head with big open soft spot led to a diagnosis of hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). But APARN took me in and nursed me back to health. With good food and love, I grew stronger as the weeks passed, but my diagnosis remained, putting her at risk for seizures.

I had a photo shoot in April 2010 with A Dog’s Life Photography, and the adorable photos propelled me into the limelight on Facebook! I used my Facebook page to help spread the word about APARN, and as Foster Mom became Adoptive Mom, I became the official APARN Spokes Pug! I enjoy making appearances as the official Spokes Pug, and love meeting new friends. My favorite things are stuffed hedgehogs, rope toys, cow hoof chews, and snuggling in Grandma’s lap!

 As you can see, I am now living the life of a diva pug and loving it.  I am very busy being the best spokespug I can be for APARN by helping rescued pugs find their forever homes.

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