Pug Rescue

oliverIf you know of a Pug in a shelter or elsewhere that needs adopting please contact us by phone at (480) 964-3126 or send an email to info@aparn.org.

Owner Relinquishment – If you are in a situation where you have to give up your pet, please do not feel bad. Ultimately we care about the Pug’s happiness and if for any reason you are unable to care for your Pug we are here to help by placing it into a new home.  Realizing you cannot keep your pet is a hard decision and we are here to support you, not to judge you.

We are generally unable to take in pug mixes. However, if you have a mix you cannot keep, please email us a photo. We may be able to accept a pug/pekingese mix, or possible a young pug/chihuahua mix. However, it is very unlikely we can accept puggles (pug/beagle mix).

Please contact us by phone at (480) 964-3126 or send an email to info@aparn.org.

Rescue Links:
KC’s Pug Rescue – Pug rescue in our neighbor state Nevada.
Pets 911 – Information on lost pets, adoption, health issues and lots more.

Pet Education.com

Looking for a new/lost Pet: